Case Study: Capitol Heights, MD

“I could not be more enthusiastic about an application for government. Everything else we have is clunky and unwieldy, but ClearGov’s transparency tool actually does exactly what it says it will do — and it does it in a really easy way.”
Jason Small, Esq. – Town Administrator

Primary Objective:

Capitol Heights needed to find an affordable transparency tool that didn’t pile more tasks onto an already full plate.

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With only 1500 households and a population of 4000+, the Town of Capitol Heights is relatively small. Like many agencies tasked with serving a community of this size, they have limited resources and staff.

Still, Capitol Heights is a bustling town with a train station on the Washington Metro line and big economic development plans. As such, residents are extremely engaged. So, when the mayor and council voiced resident concerns that the financials posted online weren’t up to par, town administrator Jason Small began researching alternatives.

“The budget PDFs were cumbersome, hard to understand, and not at all searchable,” says Small. “If residents can’t find answers on our website, they pick up the phone or come into the office, which cuts into their already busy day.”

Fielding inquiries is not the best use of staff time either. Small needed an efficient way to make the town’s fiscal information clearer and more accessible to residents, without having to invest in new hires or pricey, complicated software.


When Small happened upon ClearGov’s transparency site and searched for his town profile, he instantly saw the benefit. “There was already a clear, searchable Capitol Heights page on the ClearGov site. It was like a dream come true.”

Once the town subscribed to ClearGov, updating the publicly available data with their own financials was easy. “We didn’t have to explain or fix anything. We just sent ClearGov our spreadsheets and they updated the site.”

Small says ClearGov actually helped him do more than just make the budget more accessible to residents. As town administrator he needs to collaborate with the mayor and council throughout the budget cycle and having all that data right at his fingertips is an unexpected bonus, especially for the price.

He explained, “there’s always a fire in small government. You spend a lot of time addressing issues as they come up. So, having a tool like ClearGov that not only solves the fiscal transparency problem, but also helps us to forecast and make budget decisions is really amazing — and an incredible value.”

“For small towns with limited bandwidth and tight budgets, ClearGov is the perfect solution. It’s made my life so much easier. We’re amazed at how easy and functional ClearGov’s transparency tool is. It’s a game changer for towns like ours.”
Jason Small, Esq. – Town Administrator