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ClearGov Announces First Annual Govie Awards and Winners

First Annual Govie Awards

At ClearGov, one of our driving passions is helping local governments not only streamline their budgeting process, but also clearly communicate their long-term strategies to citizens. There is nothing more rewarding than to see local governments use our platform to transform their annual budgeting process and improve their transparency!

To celebrate these successes, we launched a new series of awards, called Govies, to promote high standards in government budgeting and reporting. The Govie Awards aim to recognize ClearGov customers using the company’s cloud-based government budgeting solutions to achieve crystal-clear data transparency for their communities. 

There are four categories of Govie Awards, including: Best Transparency Center, Best Performance Dashboards, Best Project Pages, and Best Digital Budget Book.

And the 2020 winners are…

2020 Best Transparency Center

Best Transparency Center

Champion: Cass County, Missouri

See the Winning Transparency Center here.

ClearGov awarded Cass County with the Best Transparency Center Govie Award because of their clear attention to detailed accountability. Front and center is a detailed breakdown of the county’s debt. In addition, residents have access to Cass County’s checkbook and each credit card transaction. For putting its citizens first, by increasing transparency and accountability, Cass County deserves this Govie Award. Congratulations!

From the Winner: “I am honored to receive the ClearGov Govie Award for Best Transparency Center on behalf of Cass County, Missouri. Our team is motivated to serve our community with the utmost transparency and accountability. ClearGov solutions allow us to do just that.” Cass County Auditor, Rick Brattin

2020 Best Performance Dashboard

Best Performance Dashboards

Champion: City of Maplewood, Minnesota

See the Winning Performance Dashboards here.

From start to finish, the City of Maplewood’s Department Dashboards are engaging, transparent, and informative. Citizens are met with an easy to navigate page that provides clear and quick access to each department’s page. Likewise, the individual dashboards are consistent and highly transparent. Especially worthy of note is that each department provides their strategic objectives, key performance indicators, and performance measures. Maplewood’s department dashboards are a true example of its commitment to transparent communication with its residents — and certainly deserving of this Govie Award. Congratulations!

From the Winner: “The City of Maplewood, Minnesota prides itself on providing exceptional services to its citizens. ClearGov solutions allow each department to share in-depth information with the community, including strategy, performance indicators, and budget. Thank you for recognizing our city with the ClearGov Govie Award for Best Performance Dashboards.” – Maplewood Finance Director, Ellen Paulseth

2020 Best Project Pages

Best Project Pages

Champion: City of Richland, Washington

See the Winning Project Pages here.

We are thrilled to award the City of Richland with the 2020 Best Project Pages Govie Award because their website is easy to navigate and each project page is packed with valuable and understandable information. Richland’s projects homepage provides a tile for each project that includes the name of the project and an image. In addition, they allow visitors to quickly filter the project tiles based on easy-to-use criteria. Each page details the project location via an interactive map, shows the major phases (milestones), and delivers a progress timeline. Congratulations to the City of Richland, for earning their Govie Award.

From the Winner: “We take great pride in keeping the citizens of Richland, Washington informed on the progress of our planned capital improvements. The ClearGov platform has been instrumental in helping us maintain this transparency and cultivate community involvement. We’re honored that Richland’s Project Pages were chosen as the Best of 2020. Thank you!” – City of Richland Interim City Manager, Jon Amundson

2020 Best Digital Budget Book

Best Digital Budget Book

Champion: City of Lago Vista, Texas

The City of Lago Vista truly brought their budget to life for its internal and external stakeholders. Citizens not only have a clear line of sight as to how their tax dollars are being utilized, but their budget book describes the budget process and strategic plan. Residents are presented with interactive charts for each fund and department, and commentary that delivers context and clarity. The City of Lago Vista earned their 2020 Govie Award for Best Digital Budget Book by providing much more than numbers – they delivered a holistic narrative to tell their financial story. Congratulations!

From the Winner: “Receiving the ClearGov Govie Award for Best Digital Budget Book is icing on the cake. I am excited that the citizens of Lago Vista, Texas have an interactive website they can visit to explore and understand how their hard-earned dollars are being spent. ClearGov’s products bring our budget to life.” – City of Lago Vista City Manager, Joshua Ray

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February 16, 2021

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.