ClearForms Replaces Antiquated Paper, PDF and Legacy Software That Slows You Down.

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ClearForms is a modern permitting & licensing platform that boosts workforce productivity and reduces the time spent correcting incomplete applications and chasing down approvals. Online applications are automatically routed where they need to go, resulting in faster approval time and increased compliance.

An automated permitting platform designed specifically for local governments

ClearForms helps to save staff time — making it easier on staff and ultimately making it faster for applicants. Then, on top of that, the information is power. As we get more workflows on the system, it gives us the ability to report back and say what we’re working on, how much money we’re generating in terms of revenue down the line, and how many we do each quarter — it’s pretty cool!

Andrew Maximous, P.E., T.E., Mobility & Traffic Engineering Manager, Culver City, CA