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Modern Budgeting

ClearGov is proud to be a strategic partner for Software Solutions Inc. We’re on a mission to improve transparency and modernize the budgeting experience for small towns with a powerful suite of user-friendly, cloud-based software solutions. Watch our 2-minute video to learn more.

ClearGov is the Clear Choice for Modern Budgeting.

ClearGov’s commitment to modernizing transparency and the government budgeting process with easy-to-use software along with their focus on financial transparency and automation has made this partnership a win-win for our customers and teams. After an extensive evaluation process, Software Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is excited to introduce ClearGov to our customers and for the opportunities that lay ahead.

Rick Fortman
President of Software Solutions, Inc.

Complete Budget Cycle Management

ClearGov’s Budget Cycle Management suite of products are designed for collaboration throughout the entire budgeting process. Each solution can be used independently or integrated with the others for a full web-based experience

The communication with our taxpayers and citizens is much clearer, and the time my staff puts in during the budget cycle has been reduced by 100 hours over the three month process.

Amy Dent
Auditor of Christian County, MO