ClearGov Expands to Provide Government Transparency for Over Half of US Population

cleargov has created a financial transparency profile for every community in the USA

Municipal Financial Sites for 18,000+ Local Governments Across 20 States Now Available

Wayland, MA (December 12, 2016)  – ClearGov, a leading municipal transparency and benchmarking platform, announced today that its InsightsTM municipal database now covers over 60% of the US population.  Through its unique interactive infographic approach ClearGov is proactively bringing enhanced transparency to 18,870 municipalities across 20 states serving an aggregate population of 200+ million people.  With this announcement the ClearGov platform now boasts the world’s largest public collection of local government financial profiles.

“ClearGov is on a mission to revolutionize government transparency,” said CEO and Founder Chris Bullock. “Unlike any other organization, we proactively provide enhanced transparency to the public using open data sourced from local, state and national resources.   We take great care to provide this information in a user-friendly format so all taxpayers, whether they have financial expertise or not, can find the information about how their tax dollars are being spent and get a better picture of how their local government operates and makes decisions.”

ClearGov transforms complex financial municipal data into easy-to-understand infographics.  Through ClearGov’s proprietary benchmarking algorithm the site automatically compares the revenues and expenditures of local governments to their statistical peer communities to provide context for visitors.  Local governments can upgrade their ClearGov page to enhance their financial profile with more current and granular detail and to unlock enhanced data modules to help better tell their financial story.  Over 50 communities have leveraged the ClearGov platform to better communicate their financial story and gather insights into their municipal budget in comparison to peer communities.

The ClearGov InsightsTM database also enables local government officials to easily create custom benchmarking analyses.  These comparisons against similar communities empower these officials to make more informed and data-driven budgetary and policy decisions.

“Governments are often criticized for putting out complicated financial information which is hard to understand and lacks comparative context,” added Audrey Hall, VP of Business Development.  “Local governments can leverage ClearGov’s platform to put those numbers in the context of the bigger picture to help drive public trust and support.  These municipalities are not just providing transparency, they are providing clarity, which is a powerful shift in intention.”

About ClearGov

ClearGov transforms city and town financial statements into easy-to-understand infographics to help citizens better understand how their tax dollars are being put to use.  Local governments leverage ClearGov to more clearly communicate their financial performance in an effort to build citizen trust and participation through transparency.   ClearGov also provides valuable municipal benchmarking intelligence to help government leaders make more informed and data-driven policy and budgetary decisions while opening the door wider to sharing best practices between municipalities.

Is Your Financial Data Clear to Residents?

Use ClearGov Insights and keep local residents in the loop with your whole story:
financials, capital projects, department-by-department performance.

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