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Coming Soon: A Better, Faster Annual Budget Book

Better Faster Annual Budget Book

Starting in June, we’re making budget books more useful. (And cheaper and easier to produce, too.)

“Better” and “faster” and “cheaper” don’t often arrive in the same package. But when it comes to the process of building your annual budget book, ClearGov’s groundbreaking new Digital Budget Book software – launching in June – will deliver all three.

Imagine it: a budget book that can be readily understood by every resident. That answers committee members’ questions readily and concisely. That more than returns the investment you put into it. Even better, imagine having a budget book that does all of this, and knowing that you only spent a fraction of the usual time and resources making it happen.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Starting in June, you won’t have to imagine it at all. ClearGov’s groundbreaking new Digital Budget Book product will save your government a ton of time and money in budget book development, and you’ll end up with a much better budget book for far less effort.

The key is right in the name: digital. When you use Digital Budget Book, you’re producing an accessible online asset, one that can be printed if needed — rather than the other way around. ClearGov is bringing the print-first world of traditional budget book development up to date.

We’re all so used to the limitations of a print-first approach to budget books that we don’t even think about them that much anymore. But consider:

  • Paper and printing are both very costly
  • Setting up and managing print layouts is incredibly time-consuming
  • When your budget data changes, your expensively-printed budget book becomes instantly out-of-date
  • Access is limited due to the need to find a copy of a physical object (and usually, a specific place within the physical object)
  • Printed budget books can often be hard to understand, as data display options are limited on paper

With Digital Budget Book, all of these issues will disappear.

Save Time & Money

The creation of a Digital Budget Book is driven directly by the raw data in your budget. With one click of a button, a skeleton version of your budget book is created automatically. All the sections are instantly in place, pre-populated with the charts, graphs, and tables that bring your budget data to life. Just add commentary and whatever visual elements you need to customize your digital budget book for your government.

And because your budget book is a print-on-demand online document — it outputs beautifully to pdf — your paper and printing costs shrink to zero.

Always Up to Date

With everything we’re living through right now, local government budgets are constantly in flux. Which means that expensive paper budget books are likely to go out of date as soon as they’re printed. That’s not the case with a Digital Budget Book. Because it’s populated directly by your raw budget data, if that data changes, so does your budget book. You don’t have to worry about keeping it up to date.

A Better, More Useful Budget Book

We designed Digital Budget Book to produce the best budget book you’re ever created, right out of the box. Does your government aspire to win a GFOA budget book award? We’ve built every criterion for the GFOA award directly into the standard Digital Budget Book framework. We even built a GFOA checklist into the admin interface to make it easier.

And of course there’s the fact that we’ve built our entire business on making complex local government data easy to understand. With Digital Budget Book, all residents will need to access your government’s budget book is an internet connection. The information in your digital budget book will be simple for everyone to consume and understand, because that’s just what we do.

ClearGov’s Digital Budget Book will represent a fundamental shift in local government budget communications, finally bringing the benefits of digital media to one of the most important documents your government produces all year. Digital Budget Book launches in June. Watch this space for more information, or request a personal preview today.

Build Your Budget Book with Just One Click

Check out ClearGov’s groundbreaking new Digital Budget Book software. Get ready to save a ton of time and money on this year’s budget book. You’ll end up with a better budget book to boot.
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March 24, 2020

Chris Bullock

Chris is CEO & Co-founder of ClearGov. He is passionate about helping local governments modernize their processes and communications.

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