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ClearGov Continues To Lead In GovTech With 8th Consecutive Inclusion On 2024 GovTech 100 List

ClearGov Continues To Lead In GovTech With 8th Consecutive Inclusion On 2024 GovTech 100 List

After a year of milestones & new product launch, the recognition demonstrates ClearGov’s commitment to excellence in government budgeting & planning solutions.

BOSTON, MA — ClearGov, a leader in public sector technology solutions and Budget Cycle Management software, proudly announces its 8th consecutive inclusion on the distinguished GovTech 100 list. The unbroken record further demonstrates ClearGov’s commitment to innovation and excellence in government budgeting and planning solutions.

The GovTech 100 award, a benchmark in the government technology sector, honors companies making significant contributions to state and local government agencies across the United States. The award recognizes government technology companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies in the United States. GovTech serves a wide audience of government officials, finance directors, city managers, and IT staff, who consider it a trusted authority when it comes to evaluating government technology solutions serving the industry.

2023 marked a year of significant milestones for ClearGov. Surpassing 1,000 customers, the company demonstrated its ability to meet the evolving needs of government agencies with effective and user-friendly budgeting and planning solutions. The introduction of ClearPlans further expanded ClearGov’s suite of public sector solutions. The comprehensive planning tool complements the existing Budget Cycle Management products, enabling organizations to effectively connect their budgets with long-term strategic plans and priorities.

“Being recognized for the eighth year by GovTech is not just an honor; it’s a testament to our team’s dedication to empowering government agencies with innovative tools. The growth we have experienced this year is directly attributed to our loyal customers who love our products, and it reinforces our commitment to bolstering civic engagement and transparency in public sector operations,” said Chris Bullock, CEO & founder of ClearGov.

“We’re witnessing a remarkable surge in innovation across the entire GovTech sector driven by new startups, partnerships and strategic mergers. The industry’s resilience and growth, even while other sectors slowed due to economic conditions, underscores the critical nature of technology’s role in solving the most complex government challenges,” said Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Government Technology. “The 2024 GovTech 100 exemplifies this market  energy, as we saw innovation from the back-office ERPs to the citizen-facing service requests systems. It’s also important to remember, the GovTech 100 is a curation of a much larger market with hundreds of companies doing incredible work serving government agencies as their primary customer. We applaud all the companies that have chosen this market as their own.”

As a leader in the public sector technology space, ClearGov offers solutions that simplify budgeting, planning, and licensing processes for organizations of all sizes. The company’s suite of products include:

  • Capital Budgeting – Automate the collection, organization and optimization of capital utilization.
  • Personnel Budgeting – Budget salaries, compensation and benefits, conduct scenario planning and what-if analysis.
  • Operational Budgeting – Build a forecast and annual budget more efficiently and collaboratively
  • Digital Budget Book – Produce an interactive, GFOA award-winning budget book in a fraction of the time.
  • Transparency – Tell a county’s financial story to drive community support and engagement
  • ClearForms – Replace paper, PDFs, and basic online forms with automated permitting and licensing workflows.
  • ClearPlans – Create, execute, and manage any type of plan (e.g., strategic plan, comprehensive plan, general plan, etc.).

For more information about ClearGov and its suite of solutions, visit

About ClearGov:

ClearGov® is the leading provider of public sector technology solutions to help local organizations of every size simplify their budgeting and licensing processes. ClearGov’s Budget Cycle Management solution helps local governments modernize and streamline their entire budgeting process. Its ClearForms platform modernizes any paper or PDF-based workflow process. ClearGov solutions are utilized successfully by more than 1000 agencies, and are powerful and affordable enough to support local governments of every size. For more information, visit

January 4, 2024

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.