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Innovative Platform Modernizes the Budget Process for Local Governments and School Districts

Modernizing Budgeting For Local Governments And School Districts

ClearGov launches new budgeting and forecasting solution to compliment transparency platform.

Maynard, MA (9/20/18) – ClearGov, a leader in municipal technology, announced today a new product that streamlines the budget-building process for local governments and school districts and allows them to more accurately and easily forecast expenses and funding. Designed in collaboration with existing ClearGov customers, the sophisticated, yet simple platform was built in response to the ever-evolving demands of the public sector to enhance antiquated systems and drive efficiencies.

ClearGov BudgetsTM allows municipal officials to quickly and easily create, share and review their budget via a web-based portal. Innovative collaboration tools give administrators the ability to easily communicate with department heads on budget requests; accept or deny requests; and manage and track feedback. The platform gives internal stakeholders more visibility into the entire budgeting process; saves time and effort; and mitigates the human error that can happen when trying to collaborate across multiple spreadsheets.

Additionally, ClearGov BudgetsTM includes a sophisticated forecasting tool that allows local municipalities to gain a clearer picture of future expenses and funding in order to make more informed budgetary decisions. The forecasting tool goes beyond traditional regression-based forecast analyses by utilizing a type of neural network used in deep learning systems, to automatically generate accurate forecasts based on current and historical internal budget models.

ClearGov BudgetsTM also features a digital audit trail that is automatically created and updated whenever changes are made to the budget; the ability to create and export reports for print or digital budget books; and a document repository that enables users to easily access any supporting documentation for individual budgetary line items.

“Our clients have consistently expressed how much time and frustration can be involved in their budgeting process,” said Chris Bullock, CEO at ClearGov. “We worked closely with our clients to develop a solution that is simple and easy to use, yet flexible enough to fit their process and powerful enough to meet and exceed the needs of all sizes of municipalities.”

ClearGov is a leader in government transparency and benchmarking solutions and works with hundreds of local governments and school districts in 20 states across the country. The Massachusetts based startup recently raised a round of seed capital and has consistently grown their customer base 350% year-over-year. The addition of BudgetsTM to ClearGov’s suite of innovative municipal solutions is the next step in ClearGov’s mission to build a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments.

“As a client-focused company, it is our responsibility to listen and take action when we uncover a real need,” said Sarah Webber, VP of Client Success at ClearGov. “Feedback from the BudgetsTM pilot group has been very positive and I couldn’t be more proud that ClearGov has found another way to truly help democracy work better.”

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ClearGov is on a mission to build a community of transparent, data-driven, modern governments. ClearGov provides a full suite of turnkey, cloud-based solutions to help local municipalities drive transparency, streamline budgeting, and better engage residents.  ClearGov’s award-winning platform is currently used by hundreds of communities across 26 different states. For more information, visit


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September 20, 2018

Chris Bullock

Chris is CEO & Co-founder of ClearGov. He is passionate about helping local governments modernize their processes and communications.

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