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ClearGov Continues To Modernize Public Sector Budgeting With Enhancements To Flagship Product

Operational Budgeting 2.0

ClearGov, a leader in public sector technology solutions and Budget Cycle Management software, announces the launch of Operational Budgeting 2.0, a groundbreaking upgrade to its flagship budgeting solution. The release streamlines the budgeting journey from initiation to finalization, allowing public entities to centrally manage funding requests and streamline budget adoption.

Operational Budgeting 2.0 eliminates the headaches of the traditional budgeting process by streamlining administrative processes and strengthening collaboration. The major upgrades to  Operational Budgeting 2.0 include an enhanced, centralized, budget worksheet, streamlined budget request procedures, rapid collaborator onboarding, and multi-year budgeting capabilities.

Some Operational Budgeting 2.0 enhancements include:

Enhanced Centralized Budget Worksheet

Our new centralized budget worksheet is designed to resemble traditional spreadsheet budgeting but is enhanced with powerful organizational and collaboration features. Users can pivot budget views around any data dimension and across all funds simultaneously. Additionally, new search and filtering features help save time when managing large budget data sets.

Budget Request Workflow

Operational Budgeting 2.0 has an entirely new budget request workflow that allows multiple internal stakeholders to collaborate on the same line items at the same time.  While the new workflow offers better collaboration, it also allows finance directors to set permissions for stakeholders to submit a department’s budget requests.

Rapid Collaborator Onboarding

Operational Budgeting 2.0 greatly streamlines how collaborators are added to the budget process by enabling finance directors to invite multiple department leaders across multiple funds at once.  Precision assignment ensures the proper access to specific line items for each budget collaborator.

Biennial Budgeting

ClearGov is proud to introduce the first budgeting solution with built-in functionality tailored to handle biennial budgeting. The platform offers the ability to edit two (or more) budget years simultaneously in side-by-side columns.  In conjunction with end-of-year projections and forward-looking forecasting, Operational Budgeting is engineered to handle any multi-year budget better than any other platform on the market.

“Operational Budgeting 2.0 is the result of our passion for listening to and working with our clients to constantly improve our products. With this product release we’re confident that we’ve taken our core budgeting platform to a whole new level by streamlining the budget process like never before,” said Bryan Burdick, President and Co-founder of ClearGov.

For more information about Operational Budgeting and ClearGov’s suite of budgeting solutions, visit

About ClearGov

ClearGov® is the leading provider of public sector technology solutions to help local organizations of every size simplify their budgeting and licensing processes. ClearGov’s Budget Cycle Management solution helps local governments modernize and streamline their entire budgeting process. Its ClearForms platform modernizes any paper or PDF-based workflow process. ClearGov solutions are utilized successfully by more than 900 agencies, and are powerful and affordable enough to support local governments of every size. For more information, visit

October 3, 2023

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.

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