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ClearGov Announces Premium Financial Transparency Platform for Local Governments

ClearGov Announces Premium Financial Transparency Platform for Local Governments

Today we are excited to announce the next evolution of the ClearGov platform.  ClearGov Premier ™ is a powerful new service for municipalities to better communicate their financial performance and engage their community.  Now municipalities can “claim” their ClearGov page and unlock a series of unique features including:

Expanded Financials

Add current year and forward-looking data, as well as added granularity so visitors can drill deeper into your financials.

Engagement Tools

People need to feel like the government is listening and want to be able to ask questions. ClearGov empowers local officials to respond and engage directly with visitors.

Enhanced Visualizations

Upgraded ClearGov pages enjoy additional trending and charting options.

Additional Funds

Go beyond general fund data by sharing enterprise funds, reserve funds and more.


Cities and towns have a story to tell and our commentary functionality enables local governments to overlay their metrics with critical insider insights.


Promote upcoming events and elections to drive community attendance and turnout.


Add a local touch by adding a seal or even embed ClearGov graphics into your local government’s website.


Our first local government to go live on the Premier™ platform is the Town of Easton. You may visit their site here. Stay tuned as we have many more cities and towns coming soon…

Pricing for this new service is based on the municipalities population and starts at only $995 per year.

ClearGov works with any municipal financial software and can be up and running in days. The platform is built on the latest technology architectures and is mobile ready.

To claim you local governments page click here.

If your local government does not have a ClearGov page yet, please send us a request to add one here.

December 7, 2015

Chris Bullock

Chris is CEO & Co-founder of ClearGov. He is passionate about helping local governments modernize their processes and communications.

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