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Making Sense of Colorado House Bill 21-1110: Creating ADA Accessible Financial Documents

Leading the way in web accessibility standardization, Colorado passed House Bill 21-1110 to create a more inclusive society for its citizens. To meet these standards, local Colorado governments must update their financial documents to be ADA accessible by 2024.

In this informative webinar, we review the expectations and responsibilities of local governments, share tips to make your financial documents ADA optimized, and host a live Q&A session with distinguished guest speakers:

  • Representative David Ortiz, Representative of Colorado State House District 38, key advocate in the passing of HB 21-1110
  • Peter Devereaux, Digital Authority Partners, an expert in ADA optimization
  • Karen Pellegrin, Colorado Office of Information Technology (OIT)
  • Theresa Montano, Colorado Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Generally speaking, if you have a software solution building out your financial reports, you should endeavor to work with that vendor to ensure that that software is going to provide an accessible report… If you’re having a hard time because you have systems that are very out-of-date and very inaccessible, it is time to talk to your leadership, bring it to the top.

Karen Pellegrin
Senior Manager for the Colorado Office of Information Technology
October 3, 2022

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.

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