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Introducing Digital ACFR: Financial Reporting Made Easy

Webinar ACFR Financial Reporting Made Easy

Build an award-winning ACFR in a fraction of the time

We’ve kept our ear to the ground in hopes of finding more ways to help local governments streamline and simplify every aspect of their budgeting process. We’re pleased to announce we have discovered the next solution!

Watch this webinar recording for an exclusive sneak peek of ClearGov’s upcoming tool, Digital ACFR. This groundbreaking solution is designed to simplify financial reporting for public agencies.

Learn from our VP of Product Development on how you can:

  • Simplify ACFR formatting
  • Streamline collaboration for both your internal team and external auditors
  • Satisfy ADA compliance
  • Present your ACFR through an interactive website
  • And much more!

Webinar Host:

Chase Smith

VP of Product Development

June 28, 2024

Bryan Burdick

Bryan Burdick is the President and co-founder of ClearGov, overseeing all aspects of revenue, financial, and administrative operations of the company. Bryan brings over 25 years of experience in the technology sector, including business-to-business, big data, digital media, and software-as-a-service. Prior to joining ClearGov, Bryan founded Bizo, a leading B2B audience-targeting platform, that was successfully acquired by LinkedIn in 2014. He joined ClearGov in 2017, driven by a passion to help local governments make a difference in their community through financial transparency.

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