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Colonial Beach, VA

Colonial Beach, VA

Primary Objective

Improve the city residents’ customer experience by providing online business licenses.


The Town Council of Colonial Beach, Virginia, set a priority to improve customer experiences by launching a new website offering online business licenses. They were determined to get their workflow online before their annual licensing renewal period began – but there were less than two weeks until the date the process would need to be live!

Additionally, the Finance team’s approval was critical since their department managed the Business License and Gross Receipts Tax workflow that the town wanted to bring online. Town Manager India Adams-Jacobs googled “licensing software” and found ClearGov. They scheduled an online demonstration with the team, evaluated the software, and made a decision quickly.

It took less than a day to have a testable license application up and running. Less than a week from when we started, the first business received its license online! We’re getting great feedback from our local business owners about the new online licensing option and we’re very happy we found ClearGov.

India Adams-Jacobs,
Town Manager of Colonial Beach, VA


Because Colonial Beach wanted to bring a relatively complex workflow online very fast, they asked the ClearGov team to help them with the setup. Their licenses involved formulas, logic, and a custom PDF output. Typically, local government staffers build their own workflows on ClearGov ClearForms, but Colonial Beach didn’t have even a day to spare if they were going to make their deadline.

Check out all of Colonial Beach’s workflows on ClearForms here.

December 5, 2022

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.

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