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Digital Budget Book for Civic

ClearGov Digital Budget Book

Using spreadsheets to create the tables, charts, and graphs for your annual budget book is not only tedious, it’s inefficient. The more spreadsheets you manage and papers you shuffle, the greater the potential for error. And, the end result is a dry and lengthy budget book that’s expensive to print and often out of date before the ink dries.

ClearGov’s Digital Budget Book is the industry’s first website-based solution that automates most of the budget book creation process using templates and data-driven charts and tables. Meet GFOA award criteria and deliver new levels of clarity, engagement and understanding for your citizens.

Digital Budget Book

Key Features

  • Built-in GFOA Best Practices – Built-in GFOA framework and templates auto-create key sections and pre-populate them with data. Simply add your narrative to complete an award-winning budget book.
  • Automated Fund Summaries– Auto-generate pages for each fund in your budget, pre-populated with revenue, expense and historical data.
  • Department Specific Pages – With a few clicks build department pages, including auto-updating revenue and expenditure data. Invite department heads to add context, narrative and strategic goals.
  • Collaborate and Customize – Invite department heads and other stakeholders to edit key sections of the budget book. Customize and control how your budget data is displayed and shared with the public.
  • Automatic Data Updates – Revenue and expense data are automatically updated as your budget changes, eliminating errors and saving time. Really valuable for those last-minute tweaks.
  • Print to PDF – Allow users to easily print your budget book as a PDF if they want a hard copy. They can even customize which sections to print, making it simple to export the sections most important to them.

How It Works


Simply export your financials from your accounting system and ClearGov staff will do the heavy lifting to generate a skeleton budget book. Easily connect your ClearGov products to collect data from Capital Budgeting and Operational Budgeting.


With the click of a button, ClearGov creates data-driven charts automatically. Simply add narration and other custom pages to complete your budget book. Invite department heads to contribute to their own sections of the budget book to do the same.


Publish your Digital Budget Book and it will instantly generate a website-based budget book that you can share with the public. With just one click you can create a PDF version to send to print.

ClearGov’s solution is the future of developing and presenting a budget book. We were able to easily build an interactive, digital version for online readers and a printed version for individuals who prefer the traditional approach. Digital Budget Book is sure to streamline the budget process”

Macy Walker, Financial Analyst
El Mirage, AZ

Budget Cycle Management

Digital Budget Book is part of ClearGov’s integrated suite of cloud-native financial solutions that is complementary to ERP/accounting systems and helps local governments streamline their budgeting process.

Capital Budgeting

Automate the way you collect, organize and optimize capital utilization.

Personnel Budgeting

Perform salary management, scenario planning, and what-if analysis.

Operational Budgeting

Build your forecast and annual budget more efficiently and collaboratively.

Digital Budget Book

Produce an interactive and award-winning budget book in a fraction of the time.


Tell your financial story to drive community support.


Create, execute on and manage any type of action plan.

December 23, 2021

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.

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