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Jennifer Ustation
Finance Director of Beaumont, CA

Beaumont, CA

“Once we got into it and started looking at what it had, we were like, this is absolutely what we need. We need to be able to have these forms and somewhere that everyone could log into all the different departments and could do their requests all in one place, have it be tracked, and then our finance department able to go in there and see everything requested by category was just like, wow, that’s really what we were looking for. And then being able to — once you’re final and you are ready to go — you can transfer all that data and information into the budget book. That just was icing on the cake.

Jennifer Ustation
Finance Director
December 11, 2023

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.

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