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Issuing permits, tracking contracts, and managing internal workflows have lots of moving parts and people involved. Many departments are still using paper or PDF applications that require manual data entry, frustrating back-and-forth between admins and applicants, and time wasted chasing down approvals. These inefficiencies bog organizations down with calls and emails for status updates, because there isn’t an easy way for anyone to check the status of submissions in real-time.

ClearGov’s web-based permitting, licensing, and workflow solution, ClearForms, automates every step of these workflows. You can build and configure your own permit, license, information request, or any kind of form. ClearForms is easy-to-use and flexible enough to respond to the complex needs of local governments.

Licenses – Permits – Contract Tracking – FOIA Requests – Internal Workflows

Key Features

  • Custom forms –  Create mobile-responsive forms with easy-to-follow steps for applicants and internal users.
  • Workflow logic – Add logic to your workflow to  adjust forms in real time automatically based on applicant input.
  • Automatic routing – Notify reviewers instantly when a task is ready for them to review so applications are handled faster
  • Notifications – Notify applicants automatically when the process moves forward to the next step, reducing the burden of emails and calls to staff.
  • E-signatures – Route requests to the right person to capture signatures online quickly, without any hassle of chasing them down.
  • Payment processing – Set up formulas to calculate fees and accept secure payments online. You can also choose to pass all transaction fees onto applicants.

How It Works


Create custom forms – as simple or complex as you require. Designate which steps are completed internally or externally to streamline submissions. Share forms online to make submissions easier and more transparent.


Constituents access the permit, license or other request online and complete the required information. Staff  review and provide feedback on applications effortlessly, in a centralized location.


Users are notified instantly of the status of their request as it progresses. Once approved, applicants print their final permits and licenses themselves without having to go to your organization.

Experience the benefits of a fully digital workflow

  • Issue licenses and permits faster
  • Streamline renewals
  • Automate internal workflows
  • Manage contracts efficiently
  • Increase compliance and associated revenue
  • Reduce FOIA requests

It took less than a day to have a testable license application up and running. Less than a week from when we started, the first business received its license online! We’re getting great feedback from our local business owners about the new online licensing option and we’re very happy we found ClearForms.

India Adams-Jacobs
Town Manager of Colonial Beach, VA
January 12, 2023

Matt Benati

Matt Benati is Vice President of Marketing for ClearGov®, the leading provider of Budget Cycle Management software for local governments. Matt is passionate about helping organizations modernize their annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and improving transparency between governments and citizens.